IPC Training and Certification Update – Proctor Exams

Dear Colleagues

The IPC Education Team is pleased to announce that beta testing is now complete for remote proctoring. We thank all the certification centers, MITs, and CITs that graciously volunteered their time to help us run through the testing process in such a short of time. While we would prefer to dedicate several more weeks to the testing process to ensure we release the best process possible, we are sensitive to the immediate needs of the industry. Therefore, instructors may begin scheduling and enrolling students into remote proctoring classes on April 6, 2020.

Remote Proctoring Program Availability. On April 6, 2020 all CIS and CIT written (or theory) certification exams are available for remote proctoring. Workmanship (hands-on) exams will not be available through remote proctoring.

We expect to have CSE certification exams available on April 10, 2020.

Remote Training Webinar. IPC Virtual Training Webinar. If you missed the IPC “Best Practices for Virtual Training” webinar held on Thursday, 3/26/20 use the link below to view the recording.

Best Practices for Virtual Training Webinar

Remote Proctoring Webinar Recording. On Thursday, 4/3 IPC hosted a webinar for all trainers and certification centers, to walk through the remote proctoring process and answer questions. A link to a recording of that webinar can be found here:

Remote Proctoring Webinar

FAQs. Based on the feedback we received during the remote proctoring webinar, we are providing some common questions and answers from the webinar.

Q: Can remote proctoring be utilized for workmanship exams?

A: No, remote proctoring is only available for “written” or “theory” certification exams.

Q: What is the cost of remote proctoring?

A: The cost of remote proctored exams will be partially subsidized by IPC through the summer of 2020. The current cost for remotely proctored exams is $30. This is in addition to the cost of the certification. [Example: the CIS certification exam for 610 with member pricing is $65. The remote proctoring is $30. Total cost for remote proctored exams is $95.]

Q: Is there an additional cost for downloading the lockdown browser?

A: No, the $30 remote proctoring cost described above is all-inclusive.

Q: Does the instructor proctor the exam?

A: No, the remote proctoring solutions implemented into EDGE uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence, live proctors, and video/audio recording and analysis to monitor candidates as they sit for the certification exams.

Q: Can candidates use the PDF version of the standard?

A: Currently, as a security feature, EDGE prevents students from running any other software on their computers while taking a remotely proctored exam. We are working through some potential updates to the platform to address this situation and will keep the community informed of our progress.

Q: What are some actions that will cause a candidate to be flagged for review?

A: This will depend on whether the student is flagged by the artificial intelligence or the proctor. Generally, students that are looking away from the monitor, talking, leaving webcam frame, using another electronic device, etc. would be flagged for potentially cheating.

Q: Can candidates take a break?

A: Yes, if necessary, candidates can take short restroom breaks as needed. However, leaving the screen will cause the student to be flagged and escalated for further review. Candidates are expected to complete each exam in one sitting and are strongly encouraged to use the bathroom and grab something to eat or drink prior to sitting for the exam.

Q: Can candidates ask questions to get help?

A: No, since the certification exam is intended for the student to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject, questions are not permitted.

Q: Can I complete a testing that I started before the COVID-19 crisis?

A: This is not recommended since you will incur additional, non-refundable costs.

Q: What happens if a candidate is found to have cheated after being reviewed by the proctor?

A: IPC will revoke their certification. Further action, such as banning the student from further certification testing, can be taken.

Q: Will my students know when they are being watched by a live proctor vs software (AI)?

A: No, our proctors may monitor several students at the same time, so there is no indication that a candidate is being watched at a moment. All video and audio is automatically recorded throughout the examination process, and the artificial intelligence monitors are always active.

Q:  How will I know when the candidates I registered have completed their exam?

A: Trainers are still responsible for scheduling all candidate testing (as with non- remote proctored exams), so they should have a clear understanding as to when the candidate’s testing window is closed.

Q:  Will the remote proctoring platform be translated into other languages?

A: Unfortunately, IPC has no means of translating the instructions in the systems, as the platform is shared by multiple users. IPC will however begin translating the instruction manual (which includes screenshots) into other languages. These translations will be made available shortly after the launch of remote proctoring.

I hope that our entire training community is safe and secure during these trying times. If you are experiencing any challenges not addressed in this email, please use the Certification Help Desk to reach out to the IPC Education Team. We are actively working to ensure that the critical services you provide to the electronics manufacturing industry continues in a safe, efficient, and secure manner.

You can also visit IPC EDGE or IPC Certification for the latest updates.

Please stay safe.

David Hernandez

VP, Education